Dear Veterinarians In Practice (VIP’s)

I trust that you will find my specialist radiology service a great asset to your practice and thereby enhance the service that you can provide to your clients, while improving your Imaging diagnostic skills. VIP was originally launched in 2005 and now serves many veterinarians in practice throughout South Africa. Online digital image submission allows a fast streamlined service.
I am your “partner in Diagnostic Imaging”, available to assist you in challenging radiological diagnoses and provide hip and elbow dysplasia certification for all breeds. I am a certified scrutineer for KUSA (currently Chief scrutineer) and all other breed societies (since 2008).


Online digital submissions

The referring vet can upload images via the internet for interpretation, providing a very efficient method to submit digital images of a case, which ensures a rapid turnaround time.  Veterinarians can email me for full details of this service or read more under Image submission methods.


Radiological reporting service

You submit film radiographs/digital images of any clinical case for evaluation and a full radiological report.


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Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Certification

Hip and Elbow images are submitted for dysplasia grading and certification. Views required for HD grading are an extended and a flexed ventro-dorsal view of the hips/pelvis. For elbow dysplasia evaluation, submit 2 views (extended ML view and pronated CrCd view).

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