Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Certification

I provide a direct service to veterinarians only and all submissions must be done through the referring veterinarian.

I provide HIP and ELBOW DYSPLASIA CERTIFICATION for all KUSA breeds and other breed societies. I have been a certified scrutineer for KUSA and all other breed societies since 1998, and currently serve as the Chief Scrutineer for KUSA.

When submitting hip/elbow radiographs for dysplasia evaluation, please ensure that there is a copy of the registration certificate of the animal and the owner and veterinarian has signed the application form.

Check list:

  • The specific application form required can be downloaded here  and contains also guidelines for making the specific radiographs required which must be complied with. Any radiographs which do not meet the requirements as set out in these guidelines; will be returned to the veterinarian along with the reasons why the images did not comply.
  • Views/ Positioning: See Guidelines, click here for complete information.
    • For hip dysplasia: – the extended ventrodorsal (VD) view and the flexed VD view.
    • For elbow dysplasia: – *2 VIEWS:* ML extended view and pronated CrCd view of each elbow.

NOTE: VIP provides extra information and guidelines to assist you in achieving the correct positioning for HD and checking the quality of the radiographs once made – email me for further information.

  • Verify the dog’s age by checking the registration certificate prior to making any radiographs.
  • The dog (or cat) must be OVER the full 12 months of age for most breeds, including the Boerboel before the date of radiography.
  • For the following large breeds, the dog must be OVER 18 months of age: Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, other mastiff types, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and St Bernard.
  • Elbow dysplasia radiographs can be made once over the age of 12 months in all breeds. 
  • All dogs must be identified by means of a microchip (KUSA requirement).
  • Verify/Scan the microchip number prior to making any radiographs and confirm this on the application form.
  • Image identification – must include registered name and microchip number, date of examination and practice name. Left/Right physical metallic markers must be present in image.
  • Submit a signed (owner and veterinarian) application form along with the radiographs.
  • Submit a copy of the dog’s KUSA/other breed registration certificate along with the radiographs.

Note: For online submissions, please email or upload the application form/registration certificates

HD/ED Certificates

  • Electronic certificates are issued.
  • Electronic certificates are now both recognised and accepted by KUSA. 
  • Results/Certificates will however only be made available once full payment has been received. Once the certificates have been returned to the referring veterinarian, it is then the responsibility of the veterinarian to provide the owners with the certificate.
  • I can also provide this service to dogs that are not registered and do not have registration/pedigree papers and require a hip/elbow grading. Please submit the application form as above, providing all available details of dog.

Appeals / Second Opinions

Please refer to the Appeal Procedure Document for any cases where an owner requires a second evaluation and grading of the radiographs.

Check list:  Please submit –

  • the original radiographs
  • the application form indicating a second opinion is sought
  • a copy of the hip/elbow certificate already issued by another scrutineer 

Please phone or email Dr Sheryl van Staden if there is any further information that you require in regards to submitting cases for hip/elbow dysplasia evaluation.